I was very glad to read the very positive editorial in last week’s Andover Advertiser regarding the possible development of the United Reformed Church (URC) building by the Muslim community.

The URC was very welcoming to a newly-married couple back in 1966 when we moved to Andover. With the other town churches, they made a great effort to visit all the new families relocating from London in those days delivering a welcome pack and then supporting a Sunday School, youth group, coffee morning and church meeting on Cricketers Way at the Longmeadow Centre.

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More recently members of the URC in Andover became friends with Rahela and the Muslim community, who used the halls for various celebrations and gatherings. As a denomination, the URC has at ways sought to be a voice for strangers and refugees. The church has a long history of hospitality, Now as Andover and the URC develops and changes it seems wholly fitting that the building should be a visible sign of welcome and cooperation between Christians and Muslims. The two faiths, along with Judaism, have much in common. Sometimes known as ‘People of the Book’ all those look back to Abraham as the founding father have much in common, whilst not being identical.

I trust there will soon be a positive agreement and the ancient building will once again become an active place for worship and community activities.


Jill Bentall

Enham Lane