I am a new business owner in Andover.

My passion to develop my business in the town has only been made possible with the help of Steve Godwin and his team at the BID.

As an avid supporter of the town, I find that sometimes positive news is suffocated by negative thoughts of the retail businesses and other people who look upon Andover as a failing town.

I wanted to take a moment to express my thoughts as a business owner here in our community, regarding recent discussions and criticisms surrounding the Andover Business Improvement District (BID). I felt it important to share my perspective on the positive impact the BID has had on our town.

In recent times, I've noticed a few individuals who seem to have lost sight of the true value that the BID brings. Instead of focusing on delivering tangible results and addressing our town's pressing needs, it appears that some have veered towards personal disagreements.

What concerns me the most is the potential undermining of one of the positive influences in our town centre – the Andover BID.  The BID has been instrumental in organising fantastic community events, promoting our town's positive aspects, and enhancing safety through its Rangers service.

As a business owner, I fully understand the importance of a thriving local community and a vibrant high street, both for our residents and fellow entrepreneurs.

Rather than pursuing personal agendas, it's crucial that we unite and concentrate our efforts on serving our community's best interests and supporting initiatives that genuinely benefit our town.

The Andover BID plays a vital role in this, and I believe we should rally behind them and acknowledge the valuable contributions they make to our town.

I hope my perspective resonates with others in our community, and I genuinely appreciate your consideration in sharing these sentiments with our town through the Andover Advertiser.

Richard Yandell

Owner of Yana Vintage Clothing

Chantry Way 

Chantry Centre 


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