We, the directors of Andover BID, want to share with you our support for the election of the Andover Town Centre Business Improvement District Ltd to continue for a second term. Our message today carries with it the weight of necessity, as the current ballot will come to a close in just over a week and this will determine the future fate of the services and activities that are playing an integral role in shaping our town.

In our role as stewards of the Andover business community, we would like to underline the significance of re-electing the BID.

Andover Advertiser: Andover BID board meeting

Safety & Security - The presence of Town Rangers is far from a mere luxury; it is a cornerstone of safety and order in our town centre during business hours. The Rangers have consistently provided a secure environment for our businesses and instilled confidence in our customers. Their absence would undoubtedly leave a void that would be exploited by criminal elements.

Communication Backbone - The BID's radio system is not merely a convenience—it is the backbone of communication among businesses. It enables prompt responses to suspicious activities and offers critical support to lone workers. The loss of this communication infrastructure would be keenly felt in our efforts to maintain security.

DISC system - Through the DISC system, the BID facilitates essential intelligence sharing regarding business-related crimes. This network empowers us to address security concerns effectively. Without it, the vulnerabilities of our businesses would increase.

Unified Advocacy - Our voice as a unified entity, advocating for your interests with government, the Council, and other stakeholders, is not a mere privilege; it is a necessity in today's complex business landscape. Without this representation, our interests might be left exposed and underrepresented.

Community Events - The quality events that Andover BID is heavily involved in within our town, such as the Halloween Trick or Treat Party, the Vegan Markets, the Gardening Fair, and the Christmas Light Switch On, go far beyond entertainment. They foster community engagement and have a tangible impact on our businesses. Their absence would signify a financial loss and a diminished sense of community.

Marketing Support - The marketing and digital campaigns orchestrated by the BID (via our brand InAndover) are more than promotional tools; they are much-needed lifelines that connect our businesses with customers. They bolster footfall and raise the visibility of businesses in the town centre. Without these efforts, businesses may struggle to draw customers.

Vote for the future- Supporting the re-election of Andover BID is not just a vote for the status quo; it's a vote for the future. Your YES vote underscores your dedication to nurturing a robust business community that benefits all stakeholders, including your own business. A YES vote initiates a chain of action, creating more effective business conditions within the town centre as we navigate a challenging and evolving landscape. By voting YES, you empower businesses with a unified voice to jointly lobby key organisations affecting your business. Your YES vote supports the expansion of events, drawing customers to your business and fostering community interaction. Voting YES strengthens your ability to mitigate losses from criminal activities and create a secure environment for business transactions.

Collective Commitment - The future of Andover depends on our collective commitment to the continued success of Andover BID. We ask you to cast your vote in favour of re-electing the BID during the forthcoming ballot which is underway now closing on 2nd November 2023,  and encourage your fellow business owners and managers to do the same.

Together, we can safeguard the prosperity and vibrancy of our community.

For more information on the Andover BID's 2024-2029 Business Plan and the ballot vote, please visit www.inandover.co.uk/voteyes2023/

Thank you for your time, consideration, and your support to the business community of Andover.

Chris Attrill (CEO, Valley Leisure)

Bev Botha (Owner, The Travelling Cupcake)

Kate Griffin (Owner, Wessex Spirits and the Gin Palace)

Mark Leech (Director of Pubs & Hospitality)

Lucy MacGinnis (Director, Oaktree Accountants)

Amy Mellor (Director, David Mellor Family Jewellers)

Ange Moon (CEO, Citizens Advice Test Valley)

Steph Pledge (Owner, The SP Bar)

Cliff Osborne (Senior Branch Manager, Newbury Building Society)

Georgina Roberts (Owner, Mooch)

Samantha Travella (Partner & Solicitor, Barker Son & Isherwood)

Nick Waterman (Facilities Manager, Simplyhealth)


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