I read your article in the Andover Advertiser this last week concerning postal deliveries.

I have just submitted a complaint to Royal Mail following the receipt of a card that was posted on October 18.

This card has a first class stamp and it was franked at Tyneside sorting office on October 18. I received this on Monday, October 30, and my reckoning is that is 12 days, not the worst case of three days as quoted on the Royal Mail website for first class mail.

In your article, the Royal Mail spokesperson said: "The teams in the delivery office ensure that when a delay does occur it is no more than two days." 

I fail to believe this statement as the delay in my case is 12 days. This is not the first time such delays and I would say that it seems we get post perhaps once a week if we are lucky here in Andover.  

I have raised a complaint and await to hear from the Royal Mail. Perhaps you may have better luck than I.



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