WE are all still suffering from a cost of living crisis, and whilst inflation is falling, it is still high compared to recent decades.

The Conservative government is reportedly set to break the triple lock introduced by the Lib Dems once more by not uprating fully in line with earnings.

Instead, they will exclude bonuses meaning that pensioners will receive a 7.8 per cent rise in the state pension, not the 8.5 per cent the triple lock should guarantee them. How will this affect pensioners in our local constituency of North West Hampshire? Lib Dem analysis suggests that failing to properly implement the triple lock in 2024 could result in a hit of around £1,296,581 for our pensioners next year alone. This comes after pensioners suffered a major cut in 2022 when the government opted not to uprate the state pension in line with earnings, instead using CPI.

The effect of both cuts since 2022 could result in an eyewatering hit of £11,858,901 for North West Hants pensioners alone. That equates to a £550 raid on each pensioner. It comes as the Liberal Democrats have been the only major party to commit to the triple lock in full ahead of the next General Election.

To row back on the triple lock would be another in a long list of callous Conservative party broken promises. Pensioners have contributed for decades to our society. This Conservative government should not turn their back on them once again during a cost of living crisis. The triple lock must be maintained. Instead, this out of touch Prime Minister looks set to punish them for his own party crashing the economy.

Cllr Luigi Gregori

Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson,

NW Hampshire