THE attacks on Gaza continue, with horrifying casualties and traumatised children asking to die rather than bear more bombing. Our leaders, including the leader of the Labour Opposition, are on the side of Israel, and those in this country who support Palestinian rights are losing their jobs and being cancelled out of public life. Attacks on innocent Jewish and Muslim people are increasing and the world is up in arms, standing up for one side or the other. 

This is a terrifying state of affairs, yet the UN resolution calling for a ceasefire to pave the way for a brokered settlement was blocked, notably by the USA. It is as if the countries that makeup UN membership cannot share a vision of peace. One side must be guilty and suffer for it, the other righteous and justified even when guilty of unconscionable violence. 

Suppressing free speech is more likely to incite violence than to eradicate it, but protest against this war is being criminalised and even peaceful protesters are, according to our Home Secretary, labelled as 'hate marchers', involved in  'thuggish extremism'.

I hope this weekend, when we remember the terrible wars of the last century, that we can be allowed to take a stand for peace in our own time. I hope we will remember those who fought in the past, and those who are fighting now, but especially remember the children whose trauma, as they suffer the consequences of our wars, will follow them all their lives.

Alison Vaspe

Anna Valley

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