The recent critical CQC report about Infinity Care is a travesty (Advertiser, November 10).

Infinity Care has been attending my disabled father for two years. Mum and I meet all the care visitors and I deal with the office team frequently. We are delighted with the care provided. I am Power of Attorney for my parents and deal with every aspect of dad’s care package, medications and his considerable mobility needs.

I have rarely come across such a happy, well-run outfit, having had prior similar experiences of several care agencies in Surrey. I am meticulous with regards to Dad’s complex requirements. I would not let problems go unnoticed and would be the first to identify fault if it was there.

I have personal experience of Infinity reacting to events, identifying and resolving emerging issues that run directly counter to issues as reported by the CQC. From tiny matters like the application of creams to identifying the need to change dad’s transfer procedures – including new equipment, room layouts and documenting and training the team in new procedures.

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Any real issues, as far as I can see, amounted to a need to refresh some procedures and practices to align with recent CQC policies, changes that were swiftly made. Hardly warranting a damning verdict. Could the CQC not have supported the team during that brief window? Instead of undeservedly dragging their reputation through the mud. It beggars belief as to how the tone and verdict of the CQC report came about.

Infinity came out to us when we were in desperate need and transformed our lives for the better. We are now thriving as a household, instead of merely surviving.

As for the worst criticism in the report, I was disappointed to see context-free phrases plucked out by the Advertiser with no explanation of the original circumstances leading to the criticism.

I am not involved with whatever led to that criticism, but if it’s anything like the things I do have personal direct experience of, I would bet my hat it amounts to nothing meriting public castigation.

We remain proud to have Infinity Care in our lives and recommend their services without hesitation.

I note the CQC found nothing but praise coming from the actual clients.

Peter Page

Cricketers Way


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