OUR members and supporters were again appalled by the dishonesty and outraged by the claims made in your publication of the local MP’s blather. Perhaps he didn’t read it before it was submitted?

We did indeed witness the first historic King’s Speech for more than 70 years. Particularly historic for the way a noted advocate for the climate and ecology was made to spout rubbish formulated by this government making the electorate squirm.

Our MP claims some of the key announcements will benefit us in Andover.

Oh dear, his claim includes the recruitment of 20,000 new police officers. (Only 600 to be in Hampshire.) But we remember it was his party, and their austerity plans to make us all poorer, which originally slashed police numbers. Leading to the disappearance of the bobby on the beat with much of the vast experience of well-respected, long-serving officers. Unlike the MPs who flit from reshuffle post to post without appropriate qualification or experience.

It will not make our streets safer. Just emptier as people stay away.

Laughably he refers to the biggest trade deal since Brexit - focusing on growing trade with the Asia-Pacific rim. Only because his Brexit has wrecked the trade of businesses with close markets in the EU. They wouldn’t need to find new markets if we were still in Europe! Which Cameron and BoJo’s non-binding referendum should have provided.

He follows his government line to claim additional licenses for North Sea Oil will make us more energy independent. Of course, this claim has been debunked by those with a grip on reality. Any new oil will kick the climate emergency and air quality targets further into the future leading to more unnecessary deaths. Since the oil is sold on the international market it means no security for the UK. More pollution, higher global temperatures and extreme events. On his watch!

Definitely an unbalanced way to achieve International Climate Change targets.

The increase in inflation rate may be lower but its result will not be to stop the further tightening of the belts of the poor. It is still inflation. Not reducing the cost of living, it just hasn’t gone up by quite so much. Our bills are still higher while the fat cats get richer (water company CEOs and bankers bonuses for example?) He wants to stop illegal boats! Yes, illegal international behaviour should be stopped - now it just needs leadership to call for ceasefire now in Israel, Gaza and Palestine.

And we still feel really sorry for our King who has become much smaller in our eyes for being bullied into submission by the PM and his lobbyists.

As Caroline Lucas has said: “Tory incompetence created this mess.”

Unfortunately, the unelected PM’s reshuffle won't fix it. The people of this country deserve and need a general election now.

Jon Cotterell

Chair of Test Valley Green Party

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