Paul D’Arcy makes a strong argument for moving the Cenotaph back to the town centre and has 7,000 signatures to support his case, and I think it is likely, that if you asked most people they would probably agree. However, I think there are several compelling reasons for the Cenotaph to stay where it is.

The current location in the church cemetery is well thought out with the memorial at one end and a large lawn in front. It is very peaceful and quiet, just the right place to read the names and reflect on just what it represents. The High Street is totally the wrong environment. Every week the High Street is used for market stalls and periodically there are various other events throughout the year that are totally incompatible with what would be a nearby war memorial and would be effectively ‘disrespecting’ the memory of the dead, of concern to Mr D’Arcy.

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The Cenotaph is in memory of those who died in the First World War, but there are also memorials to those who died in the Second World War, are these not as much deserving of a more prominent location? The Second World War monuments include the names on the plaques behind the Cenotaph, the individual war graves of mainly RAF personnel (War Graves), and four people who died in the Berlin Air Lift (that developed from the Second World War).

I cannot see why the Cenotaph alone should be relocated, but clearly, they cannot all be moved so why not leave them where they are? Might I suggest instead that from the High Street a sign should direct people to the ‘Cenotaph and War Graves’ and within the graveyard further signs to the other monuments, which are not so easy to find?

Ed Treadwell

Meadow View


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