A PLANNING dispute over the height of a golf course is now waiting for a verdict from the government’s Planning Inspectorate.

In April 2017, businessman Simon Nelson bought land near Goodworth Clatford, south of Andover, intending to carry out previously planned work on a golf course there.

In December 2018, the council issued an enforcement notice against him. They allege works on the site were already completed, and Mr Nelson was using an inaccurate map to plan new works.

The inquiry began on Tuesday 26, with representatives of Mr Nelson saying in their opening statement that the council had lost important documents relating to the case.

In a cross-examination of Mr Nelson, the council established he could earn hundreds of thousands of pounds by raising the site using material from his disposal business.

Mr Nelson would need to bring in over 450,000 cubic metres of material to the site to bring it to the levels he believes were already allowed.

The council believes ground levels were already above allowed and planned limits when he purchased the site, and the upcoming works would further violate planning orders.

The case centres around a set of plans, disputing whether they show the correct heights of areas on the site, and therefore whether works had already been completed.

Mr Nelson said less than 600 tonnes of material had currently been imported to the site, in order to improve the ground and make a hard standing area for construction vehicles. He said this was both legal and ‘minute’ for a job of this size.

On Wednesday, surveyors working for Mr Nelson and those from the council testified. Both discussed the accuracy and legitimacy of the plans which works were based on.

Thursday saw the planning inspector go on a site visit to the area in dispute. After this, the inquiry adjourned for the inspector to make his verdict.

A spokesman for Test Valley Borough Council said: “The council presented its case for serving the two enforcement notices and it is now for the planning inspector to decide whether to uphold them or not.”

Mr Nelson could not be reached for comment on several occasions.

Previously, the Advertiser reported on a dispute in which Mr Nelson fenced off a previously accessible car park, known as Nelson’s Corner, near Wherwell.

The final result is expected in early 2020.