A series of CCTV clips shows the moment three people allegedly attempted a break-in last night - but scarpered after they realised they were on camera. 

Footage recorded at Guy and Danielle Rolfe's workshop appeared to show two men and a woman scaling the property with crowbars in hand last night.

The couple have released the videos to the press in the hope of finding those responsible and warning other neighbours.

In the first clip, a young man can be seen appearing to climb a gate while the two others wait for him.

In the second, the two others also head over the gate with one collecting a crowbar from the floor.

The third video appears to show two allegedly trying to break open the door. The mic of the CCTV camera appeared to catch part of the conversation where one of the men is referred to as 'Gav'.

The footage then shows the trio leaving the scene empty-handed after failing to get in.

Guy and Danielle Rolfe who caught the attempt on camera said the burglars were presumably targeting workshop tools.

Mrs Rolfe said: “No gloves on, so police on way to fingerprint, also left footprints. Burglary failed due to them scarpering when they realised they were on camera.”

She added that a local riding yard and another property in the local area were also targeted by three burglars on Monday.

These attempts have also been caught on cameras.

Mrs Rolfe has also asked other residents to check their security at outbuildings to ensure they are protected against this kind of theft.

When contacted about the incident, a spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary told the Gazette: "We received a report of attempted burglary at an address on Chalkcroft Lane, Penton Mewsey, at around 12.10am this morning (13 January).

"Two men and a woman were seen on camera to try and force entry to a workshop, they were unsuccessful and left empty handed. Anyone with information is asked to phone 101 with the reference 44210013742."