THERE have been calls for action to address ongoing anti-social behaviour in an area of Andover after a boy was threatened with a knife by a group of teenagers last weekend.

Police are investigating the incident, which reportedly occurred on Vigo Road on November 7.

Posting on public Facebook group Spotted in Andover, a concerned father wrote: “On Sunday my son was threatened with a knife and jumped in the underpass.

“There were around 10 teenage boys involved. They threatened him with a knife and kicked him to the floor where they continued to hit and kick him.”

It has led to one town councillor calling for action from the relevant authorities, to address ongoing issues in the area.

Cllr Stu Waue said the incident goes “way beyond anti-social behaviour” and called on residents to write to MP Kit Malthouse and Police and Crime COmmissioner Donna Jones, asking for a “police crackdown”, as seen in Romsey, where the police were granted special powers.

Speaking to the Advertiser, he described the Vigo underpass as “one of those ‘where angels fear to tread’ type of areas” and said the issue has been present “for many years”.

Cllr Waue continued: “What I would like to see done about it is a more visible Police presence around the town and at trouble spots like this, to deter the troublemakers from misbehaving and threatening passersby.

“A few collars being felt and a few parents being notified of where their sons and daughters have been all day, and what they've been up to, may hopefully have the desired effect.

“Likewise, a more proactive approach from the schools in tackling bullying and anti-social behaviour may also see a reduction in incidents, before it escalates to something much more serious. Many talk a good fight, but can be unwilling to take the initiative and actually tackle the subject.”

He added that people of Andover need to “stand together against it”, saying: “ We all see it going on and more often than not, everyone stays quiet for fear that they'll get comeback for speaking up.”

Cllr Waue also encouraged people in Andover to report any incidents to the TVBC Anti-Social Behaviour Team at:

The incident comes after a variety of others in the area, including vandalism to the benches and removal of the plaque at a commemorative tree.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson said: “We are investigating a report of an assault in Vigo Road, which occurred around 4.20pm on Sunday 7 November.

“It was reported a group of teenagers approached a boy and knocked him to the ground, with one of the group showing a knife.

“Enquiries are ongoing."

Speaking about ongoing concerns in the area, they added: “Tackling anti-social behaviour and those acting in this manner is a priority for us in Andover, and Test Valley more broadly. We will be placing a focus on areas where this is a particular issue, with patrols being carried out, and will continue our work with local schemes and Test Valley Borough Council.

“We would encourage anyone who has concerns about or witnesses anti-social behaviour in their area to report this, either via our website or by calling 101.

“Reports are regularly reviewed by our local teams, helping to inform our patrol plans.”