MORE work needs to be done to solve parking problems around schools in Andover, a borough councillor has said. 

As previously reported, Andover Town Council's planning committee called for an urgent 'travel plan' for Mark Way School and Winton School, both of which have applied for extensions. 

Members raised concerns about the amount of traffic which congregates on Batchelors Barn Road each weekday, due to its proximity to several schools.

Cllr Iris Andersen, Test Valley Borough councillor for Andover St Mary’s, said that a parking plan has been implemented at nearby Vigo and Norman Gate schools, but more work still needs to be done.

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She said: “I have worked a lot with Hampshire County Council on the parking plan in place, but I feel it’s the same in the whole area. It’s concerning to me that, even with a parking strategy, people are parking in front of others’ driveways and on footpaths, so people need to push prams and wheelchairs in the road.”

Cllr Andersen continued: “I think people should be more considerate when parking, and use public transport or walk where possible. 

“I do not want to discourage progress in education because it’s so important. 

“There is no way I will allow that, so I will help and work in any way I can with implementing any future parking strategy.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council, said: “We can confirm that the County Council is aware of the traffic issues in the local area and its Travel Planning Team has been working closely with all four schools on this campus to try and address the concerns that have been raised.

“The expansion plans for The Mark Way and Winton Community Academy Schools have been developed to increase the number of available school places to meet local demand. Alongside this, both schools have worked in consultation with the Travel Planning Team to update their school travel plans with The Mark Way School having completed theirs.”

The Mark Way School added: "We are working with Hampshire County Council to progress our plans for expanding and, as part of this, we have now completed our school travel plan."

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