A boy has raised £200 to send sport equipment to Ghana by doing 500 continuous jumps on his pogo stick.

Joshua Walsh, 6, has raised money for charity to send football kits to Ghana.

Joshua raised the money by completing 500 continuous jumps on his pogo stick, a challenge as his prior record was 200 jumps.

He eventually managed to reach his goal, completing 500 continuous pogo jumps in 6 minutes.

The donated kits were provided by Andover Town Youth F.C.

Emily Walsh, Joshua’s mother, who also serves as assistant secretary for ATYFC, explained: “Because we get sponsorship every year, there is generally some excess kit.

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“Nicholas Asamoah, he has a charity where he then sends the kit out to Ghana.

“I was helping the club sort out the lock up to get the excess kit out, gave Nicholas a call, and he said that he couldn’t take all of the kit, because he didn’t have the funds for the postage.

“Joshua was with me at the time, and he decided that he would like to support the charity by raising the £130 needed for an additional container to go out to Ghana with the excess kit.”

In the end Joshua managed to raise £200 for Ra F.C.

Joshua said that he was “excited” that he had managed to both reach and then exceed his target raised.

Emily also said that she was very proud, saying that “He’s smashed it.”

The extra money will go towards sending excess equipment to Ghana alongside the football kits.

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While the fundraiser has finished, the fundraising page is still accessible, and donations can still be made.

Any money donated will go to Ra F.C.

Ra F.C. is a non-profit football club that is committed to providing children with the opportunity to develop their footballing abilities in both Hampshire and Ghana.

The charity does this by providing equipment and robust, engaging training in a fun and safe environment.

The charity’s long-term goal is to establish football teams at different age groups in many regions to compete in league matches and competitive tournaments.

More information about Joshua’s fundraiser can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/f/joshuas-pogo-stick-challenge?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=unknown&utm_campaign=comms_z48g+joshuas-pogo-stick-challenge.

More information about Ra F.C. can be found at http://www.rafc.club/.

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