A FUNDRAISING festival is being put together to start a club for children with additional needs.

The fundraising event, Jazzie’s Oktoberfest, is being organised by Tracey Allen, and aims to raise enough money to establish a club for her daughter, Jazzie, and her friends.

Tracey explained: “I have a daughter that’s got Rett Syndrome.

“She’s doing a course at the moment at Andover College, with some friends who are all disabled.

“But when they leave college there isn’t much out there for them to do to carry on their life journey together, so we are trying to raise money to start a club and fund outings and events for them after college.”

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The festival will take place on September 24 at The George Inn in Middle Wallop.

Starting at 1pm and continuing until 10pm, the festival will feature an array of fun attractions appropriate for all ages.

Attractions will include different food stalls, a grand raffle, a circus act, as well as various children’s activities.

There will also be live music performed throughout the event, with appearances from bands such as Maddison and The Drift, The Fix, Torn Off Strips and more, with a German Oom-pah band to also make an appearance.

Jazzie’s Oktoberfest is not the first fundraising event that Tracey has organised to raise funds to support her daughter, having previously organised two music festivals in honour of Jazzie.

What makes this festival different is the Oktoberfest theme.

Tracey said: “We like to put a theme on it, so people can participate and dress up if they want to.”

Tickets for the festival can be purchased directly from Tracey or from the George Inn, with tickets costing £15.

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Tickets for children aged under 12 are priced at £5.

Tracey said: “Any amount that we raise we will be grateful for.

“It’s not a massive event, it’s more a thank you, getting everyone together, getting Jazzie and her friends out in the community, giving everybody a good time, and if we raise money on the day that’s a bonus.”

Tracey is also looking for volunteers to help out at the festival.

Volunteers will work from 1pm-5pm, and will gain free access to all of the festivals attractions once their shift is finished.

Those who wish to volunteer or purchase tickets can contact Tracey on 07979 404046.