A HAMPSHIRE man has been jailed for his part in a multi-million pound investment fraud.

Jamie Halfpenny was part of a swindle with five other people that has led to prison terms of 49 years.

Halfpenny, 46, of The Old George, Middle Wallop, near Stockbridge, was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court to seven-and-a-half years for fraud by false representation of £1.15m.

It follows a five-month trial in which the jury heard defendants lived a lavish lifestyle using other people’s money siphoned from an investment company called CWLJ based in Dubai.

One of the victims, Michael McVicar, described co-defendant Rhys Williams, from Anglesey, North Wales, as "the most heartless man" he had ever encountered, who "soaked" his "evil into every part of our lives". Williams was jailed for nine years.

Halfpenny had denied the charge but was convicted after the trial.