A FED-UP councillor has criticised those blighting the town by spraying graffiti and ruining murals and landmarks. 

Graffiti initially appeared at Vigo underpass and Union Street underpass in early December, but over the Christmas period more locations were targeted including the Guildhall. 

Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) reassured residents that it will be working with the police to try and identify those involved and stop this issue from getting worse. 

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Cllr Iris Andersen said: "Seeing graffiti popping up in more and more places in Andover, makes me question why would anyone want to do this and ruin a nice town. 

"When I walk underneath the underpasses it's so lovely to hear the young children talking about the animals on the walls and their parents talking to them about each animal. I am absolutely devastated to know people can ruin these walls with graffiti."

A spokesperson from Hampshire police encouraged anyone who witnesses this type of anti-social behaviour to report it by calling 101 or via its website.

A Test Valley Borough Council spokesperson said: “The council takes a pro-active approach to dealing with graffiti. We follow up any reports, to ensure that it is removed by the responsible party within a reasonable timeframe.

“Graffiti is a form of anti-social behaviour and by ensuring its removal, we will not only be improving our local environment, but we will be improving the quality of life for many residents, reducing the fear of crime that it causes and increasing pride in the community."

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Councillor Nick Adams-King, the county council's executive member for highways operations, said “Our Highways team regularly monitors structures, such as the Vigo underpass and Union Street underpass, for graffiti and also investigates an area if there is a report of extensive or offensive graffiti. Where necessary, cleaning to remove the graffiti will be arranged."

Graffiti seen on land, buildings or structures owned or managed by the council should be reported the relevant local authority here