CONTRACTORS have been spotted repairing a burst water pipe in Anna Valley with temporary traffic lights set up.

The Advertiser was informed about the water leak in Salisbury Road by a resident who spotted water being pumped back into the ground.

A spokesperson for Southern Water has confirmed there is no sewage being pumped into the ground, despite the residents' concerns.

They said: "The tankers are carrying the wastewater which would normally flow through the burst sewer we’re repairing nearby. The water being pumped is ground water – the hole where we’re repairing the pipe fills from natural springs and water logged ground almost as fast as we can pump but there is no sewage in it.

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"We’re hoping to finish repairs tonight but the ground conditions and the PVC pipe are making work more difficult than usual."

A post on The Upper Clatford, Anna Valley & Red Rice Village Page also informs residents about the work.

It reads: "Message from our Parish Council Chairman. I met with Glenn McCubbin and others from Southern Water at Little Ann Bridge this morning. Unfortunately we are likely to have the traffic lights and tankers for some time. Glenn and his colleagues are doing their best to manage the works safely, but on several occasions they’ve experienced drivers ignoring red lights and cones, putting their workers and others at risk.

"Please whatever happens, don’t be tempted to weave between the cones or ignore a red light."