LIGHTS at a skate park in Andover are currently out of order after they were "tampered with".

Test Valley Borough Council received reports that the lights at Smannell Road Skate Park on Roman Way are not working. 

A post on the council's Facebook page reads: "We had a report from a resident that some of the lights at Smannel Road Skate Park on Roman Way in Andover were not working. When we went to investigate, it appeared they had been tampered with, and the electrics needed repairing.

"Our team is on the case, but we've had to isolate the lights to make the repairs, so for now, all the lights will be off.

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"We will update you once we have them up and running again."

Since then the Advertiser has contacted the council for an update.

A spokesperson said: "The vandalised lights at Smannell Road skate park remain out of action, while we await repair kit we’ve ordered.

"We hope to have them fixed within the next week, but this is subject to the delivery arriving when expected."