RESIDENTS are expressing growing concern over what they deem to be a "dangerous" footpath near a bus stop in Weyhill.

Sylvia and Andrew Davies, who reside near The Beeches bus stop in Weyhill, said that the council has neglected the footpath's maintenance, posing risks for pedestrians accessing the bus stop and beyond.

The Davies's, long-time residents in the area, said there is a lack of cleanliness and maintenance along the footpath, which they claim hasn't been addressed by Test Valley Borough Council for an extended period.

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Andover Advertiser: Andrew Davies says the footpath he is standing at is at risk of an accidentAndrew Davies says the footpath he is standing at is at risk of an accident (Image: Newsquest)

Sylvia, who regularly takes matters into her own hands by clearing the path, is now questioning the necessity for residents to perform such tasks themselves.

She said: "We have been living here for four and half years, and we call the council and clear the path a good half a dozen times a year.

"There aren't many pedestrians, but we regularly use this road. I'm disabled, and how am I supposed to get to the bus? Apart from further down near the bus stop, you run out of pavement altogether." 

The Beeches bus stop serves Activ8 buses, making it a crucial point of transit for residents in the area.

Andover Advertiser: Residents complain that the footpath near The Beeches is not cleared for a long timeResidents complain that the footpath near The Beeches is not cleared for a long time (Image: Newsquest)

Andrew said it is a 'tragedy waiting to happen' with vehicles travelling at 60mph on A342.

He said: "Any lorries coming down the road would suck the pedestrians off. It's so dangerous. There are only four houses here, but the council is not doing anything for us."

A spokesperson from Test Valley Borough Council said: “The verge in front and behind of the Beeches bus stop is part of a seasonal verge maintenance program, whereby Test Valley Borough Council maintains the verges on behalf of Hampshire County Council.

The council has reviewed the site and is now taking action to bring forward the work for this area and maintenance is due to be carried out before the end of this week.

The council would be happy to speak with the resident who raised this matter to let them know when works will be carried out. 

Residents can report overgrown grass, shrubs or hedges by visiting the My Council Services at or by calling the Customer Services team on 01264 368000.”