Andover Musical Theatre has announced its upcoming production of Made in Dagenham, sponsored by local law firm Parker Bullen.

Set against the backdrop of 1960s Britain, the empowering musical tells the inspiring true story of female workers at the Ford Dagenham plant who stood up against workplace inequality.

Made in Dagenham follows the journey of Rita O'Grady, portrayed by the talented Lou Ellison, who works as the communications and marketing lead for mental health charity Andover Mind by day.

Rita finds herself thrust into the forefront of the fight for gender equality when she leads her co-workers in a strike for equal pay.

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Andover Advertiser: 'Made in Dagenham' follows the journey of Rita O'Grady, portrayed by the talented Lou Ellison

Alongside her husband Eddie, played by Eddie Nias, a maths teacher at Harrow Way Community School, Rita confronts discrimination, challenges societal norms, and discovers her own strength in the process.

Lou, who brings 18 years experience performing with Andover Musical Theatre Company, and several leading roles under her belt, says she has always wanted to play the part of Rita:
“As a working mother, I totally relate to the challenges of trying to juggle motherhood, housework and holding down a full time job.

"Even though we think we have equality now, 50 years on and it's not any easier! It's such a powerful story, I'm privilege to be able to portray the historic events of the brave women who went on strike, paving the way for generations of women in the workplace to be paid fairly.”

Directed by Claire Nias, assistant head of Prep School at Rookwood, in a collaboration with  Alun Grace as musical director, this production promises to be an unforgettable experience which promises to make audiences laugh and cry, with comedy and tender moments in equal measure.

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With captivating performances, toe-tapping music, and a powerful message of female solidarity, Made in Dagenham celebrates the courage and resilience of women in the face of adversity.

Don't miss Made in Dagenham at The Lights, Andover, on May 22-25.

Tickets are available now through The Lights box office 01264 368368 or online