ANDOVER wildlife artist Pip McGarry recently set sail on an artistic adventure, showcasing his work on the Cunard cruise liner Queen Victoria.

The solo exhibition, held in collaboration with the Clarendon Galleries, proved a hit with passengers, many purchasing McGarry's original oils and sketches.

Pip who has been Marwell Zoological Park’s official ‘Artist in Residence' for more than 25 years also painted two demonstration pieces in front of a large audience on board.

"It was a heck of a journey with a round trip of over 14,000 miles to join the ship off the coast of South Africa, but it certainly proved worthwhile," Pip said.

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"I was due to fly back from Namibia at the end, but was suddenly advised that the ship was not stopping- however, a last-minute medical emergency allowed me to disembark in the middle of the night." 

In 2004, Pip  featured in his own seven-part Meridian Television series A Brush With The Wild,  which was presented by Anneka Rice.

Pip's artistic talents run in the family. His daughter Alexandra recently followed in his footsteps, becoming the Artist in Residence at the Hawk Conservancy and opening her gallery in town.

Alex will also be holding a family exhibition at her gallery from May 18 to May 25.