A CAR that was bought after funds were raised by the community has reached the front line in Ukraine. 

The 4x4 will be used by evacuate soldiers and it was bought by Stockbridge Ukraine, a group that has been holding various fundraising initiatives to help people in the war-torn country. 

On April 20, it held a screening of the film 20 Days in Mariupol in the village and in less than a month, it was able to raise the money, source the 4x4 and get it to the frontline in Ukraine. 

On May 12, the group received a message from Rymma K, a Stockbridge resident, who was in Lviv at the handover to her friend Vadim. 

It said: "Good day to all . We succeeded. We are grateful to each of you for your immense support and help. Today Vadim was given a car and he has already gone to the front line. We hope that this car will serve them guys and help save lives. And we continue to pray for our soldiers to remain alive and unharmed." 

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Andover Advertiser: Stockbridge Ukraine funded this car that has reached Ukraine

Amanda Lambert, from Stockbridge Ukraine, said the group was in touch with people on the ground in Ukraine and they were focusing efforts on the most urgent needs communicated by them.

She said: "We are currently working in two areas; evacuation of the wounded and surveillance of the frontlines, both saving multiple Ukrainian lives." 

She said they would continue raising money for 4x4 pickups in the UK to go to Ukraine to act as ambulances. As there is a lack of helicopters or military vehicles to evacuate the wounded, soldiers are forced to use their own private cars, many of which have been destroyed by Russian fire.

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The film, 20 Days in Mariupol, was the first of a sequence of fundraising events. 

The group is currently holding The Great Store Cupboard Challenge, which is encouraging people to submit an item with the oldest sell-by or use-by date in your cupboard and win a prize. 

On June 6, the group is planning a trip to the exclusive Mill Gardens in Gloucestershire including lunch and return transport from Stockbridge. 

And on June 28, money will be raised at a Taste of Stockbridge, a tour of 10 of Stockbridge’s shops, pubs and restaurants. 

It is also collecting donations for a bric-a-brac stall it plans at Trout & About on August 4.

For more email stockbridgeukraine@gmail.com