A COMMUNICATIONS company joined to protest against the threat of extinction of some of the world’s most magnificent creatures.

Winchester-based Remarkable Group rallied together with over 700 people to march through Trafalgar Square (March 15) in a bid to raise awareness about the ‘canned-hunting’ of Africa’s lions.

The event was one of 60 staged simultaneously across 20 countries, involving thousands of protestors worldwide, to fight against the controversial malpractice where captive animals are bred to be shot in a confined space.

Animals are often drugged so as not to escape.

Remarkable Group’s founder and CEO, Stephen Pomeroy, from Southampton, said: “We’ve been supporting efforts to protect the beautiful white lions of Africa for years, so I was delighted to be able to give the campaign against canned hunting extra help from our PR team here in Winchester.

“The response from the public has been amazing with tens of thousands of people attending actions in the UK and around the world. I hope this is the international kick that’s needed for law-makers to take action to stop canned hunting.”

The agency was joined by actor Jerome Flynn, best known for his part in Ripper Street.

Mr Flynn, who is a patron of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, said: ““The march was an incredible event and it was an honour to speak. A big thank you goes to Remarkable Group for getting behind the cause and helping to spread the word and make the crowds even bigger.”

For more information about the Global White Lion Protection Trust, visit whitelions.org/.