TWO Hampshire organisations are set to bring history to life with a re-enactment of a historic battle.

The Battle of Cheriton Project has teamed up with Hampshire Royal British Legion (RBL) to stage a two day event in memory of the 1644 conflict.

History through the Ages promises arena displays, military encampments, entertainments, stalls, and re-enactments of the battle, which was fought in fields a short distance from the showground at Scrubbs Farm in Cheriton.

Medieval archers and knights, English and American Civil War, Napoleonic armies and World War Two Airborne Forces will entertain an expected crowd of up to 10,000 on the weekend of June 28-29.

County officials, Poppy Appeal fundraisers, members from the Legion’s women’s section and the Riders’ Branch will all be found in the Legion’s marquee.

Bill Bates, chairman of Hampshire RBL, said: “When the Battle of Cheriton Project group invited us to participate in History through the Ages we were delighted to add our support.

“The fact that the Legion is the nation’s number one military charity and custodian of Remembrance is beyond doubt, but it is a fallacy that our activities are limited to just two weeks in November. The Cheriton event shows that our fundraising goes on all year round and the welfare we provide extends well beyond the suffering created by two world wars.

“It reminds us of conflicts from the distant past and stresses the importance in helping today’s fighting forces.”

On Sunday, June 29, almost 1,000 re-enactors will muster for a short commemorative service.

Any profit made will help fund an archaeological dig at the historic battlefield site, and swell the RBL’s Poppy Appeal fund.