FOR the fifth year running family, friends and neighbours gathered to remember Dennis Kimber, a retired postman, at a Winchester street party.

Dennis died in 2010 and had lived in Highcliffe with his family for over 30 years.

Around 150 people attended the event in Cathedral View through the afternoon and into the evening.

Activities included children’s games, a football table, several BBQs, bunting and a vintage jukebox all housed under gazebos in the road, which was closed to traffic. The event was organised by Ley, Dennis’s widow, and close friends Gary Farrow and Viv Austin, to celebrate the life of this quiet gentle and unassuming man who had always cared much for his community.

Dennis had wanted to stage the party in 2010 following a kidney transplant but he died in July a month before it was due. The event was held in his memory.

The organisers, in a statement, said: “From that initial party the idea was born to recreate the event each year. Whilst people often have the idea in the emotion of the moment all too often with the demand of daily life the planned gesture gets neglected as time and people move on.

“Not so for this community as once again family and friends gathered for the fifth street party which truly is a special occasion bringing together old friends and welcoming new residents. The atmosphere is one of friendship, warmth, welcome and neighbourliness, so often lacking in today’s world as we rush about our daily lives.

A sixth event will be held in 2015.

“Dennis would have been proud to know that this special community have kept his idea and his memory alive and strong and are already planning for the sixth event next year. The ‘Old’ Highcliffe residents were again grateful to the original organisers and the many others who helped on the day.”