CASTLEDOWN Business Park, which has been lying dormant for the past year will be ‘going live’ in January after a series of delays.

“It has taken a long long time to come to fruition but the contract for the Tidworth Development Trust to manage it is about to be signed and at that point we go live,” said David Wildman of Tidworth Chamber of Commerce.

“Thank goodness.

“Phase one will be for smaller businesses while for phases two and three we will need to find bigger companies that are looking to downsize or relocate.

“The Tidworth area has a lot to offer.”

One star feature in the plans to attract new business to the area will be the new £32 million Wellington Academy due to transform education in the area.

The academy will sit next to the business park and have a business specialism as well as a 350 seat theatre which will be available for community use.

“In the past education used to be seen as a weak point for this community area.

“But in the future it will be seen as a strong point,” said county councillor Mark Connolly.

Just down the road from Tidworth there is further evidence that the area is moving forward as Stuart McLean from Aspire Defence said they are in negotiation with building materials company Jewson regarding a site in Bulford.