TWO men who posed as water board officials tricked their way into an elderly woman’s home in Enham Alamein, searched the premises and stole her handbag, At around 1.30pm on Friday the two men visited the home at Chapel Lane and when the victim opened the door, the two men walked into her house.

One man went into the living room with the victim and when she asked where the second man had gone, she was told that he had gone to turn her bathroom taps on.

The victim then told the man to leave or she would call the police.

Both men then left the house through the side door before the victim noticed her handbag was missing.

The bag had blue and brown stripes and contained cash and phone numbers.

The men are described as white and both wore black or dark coloured clothing with dark hats. One was aged in his mid-30s and was about 5ft 5in and the other was aged in his mid-50s and about 5ft 10in.

PC Lee Taylor said: “Please be on the lookout for these men who are pretending to be workers from the water board. In this case the men showed a business card with no photo on it and then walked into the victim’s home. One of the men kept the victim occupied while the other searched the house and stole her handbag.

“I would urge residents to make sure you check ID cards of any callers at your home. If you’re still unsure, source a number of the company they are claiming to be from and phone them to check before you let them into your home.

Genuine callers won’t mind waiting.”

Anyone with any information should contact PC Taylor at Andover police station on 101.