THE latest plans for a wind farm near Whitchurch have been revealed to the public.

EDF Renewables returned to Whitchurch Parish Hall to show how its proposal for wind turbines at Bullington Cross has changed since its last public exhibition in July.

The major difference is that there will be three less turbines on the farm – bringing the total to 14.

Project manager Darren Cuming said: “What we have done is we have had a lot of comments and feedback, we have carried out other surveys on the site.

“We have listened to what people have been telling us. Some people don’t want the wind farm full stop but we think we have got a good site for a wind farm, so we have tried to adjust it.”

The maximum height of the turbines will be 126.25m and all will now be more than 800m away from the nearest noninvolved residential properties.

The energy company hopes to submit a planning application for the farm by the end of the year.

It is expected that the wind farm would be capable of producing 28MW of electricity – enough clean energy to power more than 13,000 households.