A LOVE of coconut pyramids saw the start of a romance that has lasted for over 60 years for one Enham Alamein couple.

Margaret and Doug Saunders, who live in Newbury Road, met when Margaret was a bakery delivery driver to Enham where Doug worked.

“When I used to stop to deliver the bread a certain person used to get into the back of my van and get a cake, so it used to cost me at the end of the week,” said Margaret.

Doug said: “I used to say ‘What have you got in the back of your van?’. This went on for about a month.

“Then one time I said I would take you to the pictures if you pay for yourself.”

About 18 months after their initial dates the couple set a date for marriage.

They were married at St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Thruxton on 3 January, 1953, before they went on a honeymoon in Torquay.

Doug spent his entire working career at Enham for 68 years, 51 years full-time, while Margaret was a Land Girl, bakery delivery driver and ran her own cleaning business.

The Saunders have done their fair share of travelling together, visiting Australia, Canada and America as well as a lot of Europe.

Although they don’t travel abroad now they still like to keep active and both drive.

They have three children, three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Doug said: “To this day we go to bed and kiss each other goodnight, and never go to sleep on an argument.”