RESIDENTS who feared their access route to a local shop and play area would be removed, forcing them to take a lengthy detour, have ended up with an improvement in Tidworth.

Last April Aster Communities informed the residents of Forest and Juniper Court that they were going to remove the access steps from Forest Court to Beech Hill Road.

They added that they were not going to replace them, instead they would grass and fence the area off.

Tidworth mayor Chris Franklin said: “A ten-day notice period was given, however the contractors turned up early one morning prior to the tenth day, they were setting up ready to remove the steps.

“Local resident Patsy-Ann Swarbrick contacted me for assistance and after a number of phone calls and site meetings, we managed to get the removal of the steps stopped.

“After a consultation with the residents, Aster Communities drew up plans to replace the steps with a ramp and work started.

“The ramp, which now winds its way up the slope, has this week been completed and is open for use.”