A NEIGHBOURHOOD allotment scheme to increase local food growing is looking for more volunteers to either grow food or offer their gardens to gardeners.

Andover Garden Share is an alternative choice for people looking for an allotment to grow fruit and vegetables near where they live.

Applicants are matched with suitable offers of private garden spaces.

A plot can be anywhere around Andover.

The crop is then shared in return for the use of the ground, a concept that came from the Transition Town groups based on the grower and the person owning the garden forming a working partnership. Transition Town is looking for volunteers to be share gardeners as there are gardens waiting for a match at the moment.

The scheme is voluntary and there are no fees.

Amanda Squires, Andover scheme organiser, said: “The success is in the quality of a partnership, though we of course want more people to be able to benefit.

“Sharing a garden is not to help people maintain their garden, it is to help grow community links and local food growing.”

To find out more or get involved contact Amanda on 01264 771175 or visit f acebook.com/Andove r GardenShare.