TEST Valley Borough Council’s leader Ian Carr say the council is offering 50 drivers a ‘golden opportunity’ to save £140 a year in parking charges.

Andover’s Shepherds Spring Lane car parking arrangements are set to change from Monday, 13 January, with 50 spaces allocated for reduced rate season ticket holder use.

The spaces are being offered to help those who work in or close to Andover town centre.

The reduced rate spaces are available quarterly (£140) or annually (£500), payable in advance, which represents a saving of £45 for quarterly and £140 annually on the normal season ticket prices.

The offer is on a first come first served basis.

For more information or to apply for a season ticket, please call 01264 368730 or email carparks@testvalley.


Councillor Ian Carr said: “I welcome the continuation of the many initiatives that have already sprung from the Andover Summit.

“The parking and signage working group has secured Cabinet agreement for 50 reduced price spaces at Shepherds Spring Lane Car Park.

“For those who travel to Andover to work this is a golden opportunity to reduce outgoings and secure reliable parking just a short walk from the centre of town.”

The parking and signage working group recently introduced a ‘buy one get one free’ Christmas parking scheme, and will shortly be implementing a number of ‘dash and go’ spaces for short-term parking.