A FACT-FINDING mission on the buses carried out by county councillor Tony Hooke last week has thrown up a number of issues and now he says the matters need a full review.

The research included trying out local services around the town and longer distance destinations used by Andover people.

Cllr Hooke, pictured, said: “I have also had in excess of 20 calls, many of them from people who have trouble getting to Winchester and who feel stuck because they don’t have their own transport.

“The problems are worsened w h e n p e o p l e w a n t to see their nearest and dearest in hospital and visiting hours have been restricted for some reason.

“Others have complained about the timetables ‘only being a guide’ and having to wait so long for buses.”

Other gripes have been a lack of Sunday services and different fares charged by bus companies on the shared route that runs along Weyhill Road in Andover.

“I think the bus companies and the council need to undertake a full review of the services in Andover,” s a i d C l l r Hooke.