TIME is running out for residents to have their say about how subsidies for public transport in Hampshire should be spent.

Hampshire County Council is asking residents to comment on bus and community transport services until the 31 May as part of a review into which services should receive financial support from the public purse.

The consultation was set up in March to gain as much information as possible on people’s preferences and views on bus subsidies, bus information and concessionary fares within Hampshire.

Leader of Hampshire County Council Councillor Roy Perry said: “It’s important that we look carefully at how we allocate funding in order that it is used fairly on behalf of Hampshire’s council taxpayers.

“The County Council spends over £4 million every year on subsidising bus routes which are considered financially unviable by the commercial operators.

“We are asking residents to comment on how we can best support public and community transport, and shape services within the available budget.

“So far, around 5,000 forms have been distributed to libraries, village shops, post offices, bus operators and bus stations.

Copies have also been handed out on buses during many of the journeys the County Council currently subsidises.

“We’ve also presented the options to the 1,400 organisations and individuals who are involved with our nine passenger transport forums, as well as to our parish transport representatives at a conference in March, which had around 100 attendees.

Residents can call 01962 846785 or email environment.bus.review@ hants.gov.uk to request a response form, or respond online at hants.gov.uk/ transportconsultation2014.