A SUNNY flower girl, a CBeebies presenter and an A-list celebrity all featured in a town allotment competition recently.

The second annual Andover Town Council's Allotments Scarecrow Competition "pulled out all the stops to create even more impressive scarecrows than last year."

New awards included The Children's Choice award, picked by Icknield School students, and The People’s Choice award, chosen by social media community, Spotted in Andover.

Lisa Laing, allotments officer, said: “The idea behind making scarecrows is to get friends, families and the community together and to be part of something positive.

"This year we saw even more scarecrows and the standards were amazing.

"Everyone who got involved was then invited to The Guildhall for a formal presentation.

"The council chamber was full of both scarecrow makers and their support teams and everyone said what great fun they had and are already thinking about next year’s scarecrows.

"Thank you to everyone who made, supported or voted for their overall favourite.

"A great time was had by all and we are all very much looking forward to next year’s competition."

The competition, which had 26 scarecrows entered, included an overall winner per allotment site.

The Garnett family won best entry from Admirals Way allotment and have said they are already busy "upping their game" for next year's competition.

The winner of the Barlows Lane allotment was returning champs, Louise's Childminding, for their scarecrow, Woody, which was made from logs meant for the family fire pit.

Mr and Mrs Sawyer won best scarecrow at the Old Winton Road for their glamorous Cheryl Crow entry.

This year Old Winton Road allotment also picked up The Children's Choice award for Mr and Mrs Mowbray's entry, Holly Berry.

Mr and Mrs Drouin were chosen as winners for their scarecrow, Old Jack the Thoughtful Gardener, at The Drove.

The Drove also took home The People's Choice award, for Mr and Bradley's entry, Daff O'Dill.

At Vigo Allotments, baby Thomas was chosen as the site's winner, created by Mr and Mrs Hall.

There were also two community entries from Inclusion and Icknield School, who were both awarded boxes of sweets for their scarecrows.

If you would like to get involved in next year’s competition, contact Lisa Laing at andovertcallotments@gmail.com.