THE family of a frail farm owner have been left "disgusted" after thieves targeted his yard and they feel police officers failed to investigate the incident.

The Hammond family reported a broad daylight theft to Hampshire Police early last month after discovering the door of a rare Renault Clio had been damaged and the front seats stolen while an elderly relative was in the house.

And despite collecting CCTV footage and taking matters into their own hands to identify three out of the four intruders caught on camera, they say officers have yet to properly investigate the incident.

During the first weekend of November, Paul Hammond and son Danny, 18, found the door of their Renault Clio Williams 16-valve had been forced open and seats, worth around £150 each, were taken.

The thieves had also smashed the glovebox of a Vauxhall Nova which was in the yard and tried to take a radio and a car seat.

Located just outside Hurstbourne Tarrant, the farm has been hit by thieves numerous times over the last five years, which led the family to install CCTV cameras.

On checking the footage they found four intruders entered the yard in the late afternoon of 2 November and appeared to be armed with a ratchet and a thin metal bar.

Danny said: "It made me feel sick just how casually they walked up to the car, like they weren't doing anything wrong."

The family reported the incident to the police and were told somebody would be out to take a statement within six days, but say no officers turned up.

In the meantime, they put the footage on social media and, they say, had more than 30 people identify three of the four perpetrators.

The 18-year-old said: "After the police didn't come out, I told them I can send the CCTV footage, stills, names and addresses through on Google Drive and they said their computer won't open it."

Paul added: "I offered to take the CCTV footage into a station of their choice and they said there is no point because it will just sit on the front desk for days."

They were then told a CCTV kit would be sent out to them. It arrived on 20 November, around two weeks after first reporting the incident.

The 39-year-old added: "I was disappointed because we just feel like we've been let down.

"I was particularly concerned for my dad as he is scared to leave the farm because of all these things going on. The stress is affecting his health.

"He is very frail, what would have happened if he had stumbled out and tackled them?"

Danny added: "I am disgusted at the way they have behaved. It has got to the point where I'm thinking of moving in with my grandad just to keep him safe, but we shouldn't have to [do that]."

The incident follows another attempted break-in at the farm last summer where the intruders were also caught on CCTV. Officers did investigate it and launched a media appeal but the perpetrators have not been caught.

Later last summer, the family's home was also the target of an attempted break-in which they say resulted in their Staffordshire bull terrier cross, Buster, dying of internal bleeding.

Danny had been upstairs when he heard the front door open and the dog barking.

On coming downstairs he heard a van driving off and saw blood around the dog's mouth and on the floor which appeared to be from where Buster had bit the intruder.

Danny called the police straight away. He said: "They told me they would send a forensics team out later that day. They did send someone out to take a statement but it wasn't who they said it would be."

They also discovered there were fingerprints on the front door and an attempt had been made to take a motorbike outside the property.

After being told not to use the front door for a week to preserve evidence, the family say they were later told the matter would not be investigated any further because it was too late to take forensic evidence.

Danny added the dog then died a few days later of internal bleeding from a tumour which the vet believed was from a trauma sustained to the internal growth.

Danny added: "I don't feel like I can phone the police anymore because if they don't seem to do their job then what is the point?"

Hampshire Police were contacted about the family's grievance by The Advertiser and it has confirmed they have received a report of a theft from a vehicle parked at an address near Hurstbourne Tarrant.

A spokesperson said: "An investigation has begun and enquiries, including into CCTV, are being made. No arrests have been made at this time."

Anyone with information is asked to contact 101 quoting 44170435663.