FATHERS for Justice founder and Andover resident Matt O’Connor is continuing with the hunger strike he started outside Prime Minister David Cameron’s house on Sunday.

Campaigner said the protest was a direct response to recent comments by David Cameron that took advantage of Fathers’ Day not to celebrate fathers, but to vilify them.

He said: “We need to make Britain a genuinely hostile place for fathers who go AWOL.

“It’s high time runaway dads were stigmatised, and the full force of shame was heaped upon them. They should be looked at like drink drivers, people who are beyond the pale.”

Fathers for Justice, which has founded by Mr O’Connor, say fathers get a raw deal and often lose contact with children so Mr O’Connor says he is planning to carry on with his fast for a long as he can.

His wife, Nadine O’Connor, has already had a string of meetings with government figures and MPs since the protest began.

“They are going to try to ignore the protest and they don’t care whether he lives or dies – it is very callous,” she said.

“The support he has received has been staggering – even from Scotland where there is different legal system – but when the hunger strike was aired on Radio Scotland it showed the problem was as big as in England.”

The 44-year-old O'Connor has now established a small encampment with a shrine for the children who have lost their fathers during the last 10 years with thousands of photographs on display.

Personal letters from fathers, mothers and grandparents will also be delivered to Mr Cameron’s house every morning of the hunger strike.

He is taking on only water and lemon juice.