BROUGHTON neighbours Bob Brown and Chris Hewlett enjoyed recent successes at the National Vegetable Society Championship’s Autumn Show at Malvern.

Bob claimed first place in the one dish three heads celery category and Chris came out on top with his cucumbers.

As well as this, both enjoyed success with their efforts in the carrot categories.

Bob admitted his joy at winning with his celery. He said: “I’ve been trying for 24 years and this is the first time I have won it, I overcame 19 other entries so winning was fantastic and a relief.”

Chris highlighted the strength of the competition and believes hard work is the key to success, he said: “You are competing with the best in the country.

“When you win you know you have beaten the best in this competition.

“The key really is timing and a lot of hard work, you know when these shows are scheduled and it’s all about having your entry at its peak for these events.”