FEMALE patients can now have a diagnostic procedure in Andover instead of travelling to Winchester, thanks to funds from a former Andover sports and social club.

A gift from the now-defunct New River Club has paid for equipment to perform hysteroscopies in the day surgery unit at Andover War Memorial Hospital.

The hospital was lucky enough to receive the donation when the New River Club ceased to exist.

Juanita Knowles, clinical manager of the day surgery unit at Andover, said the £30,000 for the hysteroscopy equipment would make a real difference: "Busy working women and mums can now benefit from a one stop clinic model, meaning that the consultant appointment, diagnosis and procedure are completed in one visit," she said.

"Previously they could have expected to attend four or five appointments from consultation to treatment. With the new equipment the procedure can be carried out under a local anaesthetic instead of having to travel to Winchester to have a general anaesthetic.

"Enhancing our gynaecology service is another step forward for Andover War Memorial Hospital."