Whitchurch Vets welcomed long distance visitors Chichester, having lost the away leg.

Captain Rob King stayed with the 2014 unbeaten team to try to avenge the defeat.

Biffer Gibson quickly led 2-0 and showed no mercy winning 3-0 with his opponent only accumulating five points in a bloodless victory.

King faced the current European Squash champion, albeit in the over 70s class, and clearly lacked the skill and experience of his opponent.

Unusually for Rob, he exceeded him in movement and stamina, however, which he used wisely to win convincingly 3-0.

And Erdogan Ince, at one, was too skilful, quick and agile, ensuring another 3-0 win – and maximum team points.

Whitchurch Squash has now had 14 straight individual wins in 2014 with both teams now second in the leagues.