Andover’s girl racer Dawn Boyd returned home triumphant from the 750 Motor Club awards dinner last month, after collecting her trophy.

The 750MC organise 12 club championships, including Dawn’s Golf Gtis and their glitzy 2009 awards ceremony took place in Stratford-upon-Avon. There were more than 50 presentations made and Dawn was the first winner to be announced. She was awarded the Ann Clayton Cup, an honour bestowed to the highest placed girl across all of the 750MC championships. This was the crowning glory for Dawn’s 2009 season after her championship position of fourth in class in her Mark 2 Golf Gti.

Dawn had a very successful 2009, her first season in the Golf, surprising many critics by regularly finishing inside the top six and resulting in her fourth place in class and eighth overall out of 47. With continued expert assistance from JMS Motorsport and with thanks to her supporters and Re-Design, she hopes for better results and success this season.