Former British Sport Kite Champion, Allan Pothecary of the kite team Close Encounters was handed the “Flyer of the Year” award at the Weymouth International festival recently by the world renowned legend of the kite world, Peter Powell.

“It was fantastic to be able to meet the ‘Godfather of Kites’ as so many people have wonderful memories of their first controllable two line kite in the shape of a diamond which won the ‘Toy of the Year’ in the 70’s" said Allan.

Peter (82) was in Weymouth as a guest of the event and to support his two sons in the modified relaunch of his kite using modern day materials - a project which Allan heartily supports.

Following withdrawal of council funds to run the festival, Allan was asked to continue in his role of consultant organiser in support of a new community group set up to keep the thousands that go to the annual event happy and raise money for charity.

“I was somewhat embarrassed to get the award after having helped organise the event but it was a treasured moment” he added.

Kiteworld sponsored Close Encounters key member Marilyn Pothecary is still recovering from a hip operation and top flyer and kite maker Peter Taylor of Airdynamics stepped in at the last moment.

"We didn’t win anything but everyone had a great time and that’s what kite flying is all about!” remarked Allan who is looking forward to a great season ahead.