Rosie Lang recently completed her first marathon at Milton Keynes.

With no race plan plan her initial pace was far too fast although the first 12 or so miles felt really good despite the route being very flat and a little boring; looping around roads in Milton Keynes. There were plenty of supporters however and even some local bands and music playing.

Miles 13 to 16 were far more painful she got a really bad stitch and ended up walking for a mile and it proved difficult to start running again, but all the training she had done kicked in and she got back into her stride.

Following the blip, her confidence was a little dented and the last mile was the worst and she definitely didn’t appreciate the hills at the end. Lang who is from Heritage of Salisbury sponsored Andover Triathlon Club said: “When I finally staggered over the finish line I was exhausted; I was more appreciative of the bottle of water than my medal.”

“Overall I was really pleased with my result. I was aiming for sub four hours and I succeeded. My finish time was 3hrs 50mins 45 secs and I came 548th overall and 73rd out of the female runners.”