I HOPE very much that the Scottish people vote to remain part of the United Kingdom. It is a pity that the rest of the UK does not have a vote either as it affects everyone in it.

According to the Sunday Times there could be a legal challenge on behalf of expatriate Scots to enable them to vote as well.

Scots have contributed a great deal to the prosperity of the UK and I believe many will oppose independence especially as North Sea oil revenues continue to fall.

Whilst the economy in the south improves the north continues to lag behind.

Scotland has its own parliament and I understand the hostility there still to the Conservatives, the majority of who opposed even a modest amount of devolution.

Our own MP, Sir George Young, was one of them and perhaps he would now apologise for his earlier opposition.

Secondly I see Boris Johnson is being touted as the new Tory candidate for North West Hampshire.

Perhaps Mr Johnson’s supporters should take note of a recent editorial in the London Evening Standard, which stated that he has two more years of his mayoral term to complete and he should do just that!

Richard J Kidd, Andover