I THOUGHT this might be an interesting bit of news for you.

I’m part of a small organising committee for an event series called Down at the Mill, the first of which will be held in aid of Pancreatic Cancer UK.

My father died quite suddenly of the disease about a year ago, and I’ve been looking for ways to raise some money to help research a cure. Five-year survival rates for those diagnosed with the cancer is as low as four per cent, and shockingly it has remained that way for around 40 years. I felt I had to do whatever I could to lend a hand.

The event is at Whitchurch Silk Mill – not known for its live gigs, but it always seemed to me the ideal spot to put on acoustic, “unplugged” events.

So we’ve managed to get Winchester folk heroes This is the Kit, as well as Londonbased singer-songwriter Anna Byrne, and local Whitchurch band, The Grizzly Folk. The event is on 31 May. More info at www.thegrizzlyfolk.com.

Jon Wilks, Newbury Street, Andover