PURSUING David Drew’s published
letter, dated 9 May 2014 covering
‘UKIP scaremongering’ the
European legislation of 1972, 1986
and 1993 (swept through the
British Parliament on a tide of
ignorance and intimidation of
MPs) was based on two unprecedented
constitutional procedures:

1. The use of international treaties
to negotiate the internal constitution
of the United Kingdom.

2. The general transfer by our
Parliament of powers to the
‘European’ Community which legislates
specifically within the United
Kingdom by Directive and Regulation
which the British parliament is powerless
to resist.

The transfer of general powers to
the state to act without the sanction of
parliament is precisely how Adolf
Hitler gained such absolute power
through his emergency laws.
Since 1972 the British people have

The unrestricted right of our parliament
to make laws in our country.
l the supreme right of the British
courts to interpret and uphold the

The British passport.

The right not to be a citizen of
another state without our consent.

Our sovereign Queen who has
been turned into a ‘European citizen’.

The exclusive right to decide
through the UK parliament their own

The right to judicial arbitration by
a non-political court.

The right to be governed only by
policies put forward by British political

The right to our internationally
recognised fishing grounds in our 200-
mile territorial waters.

The right to control our borders
and right to decide who can work,
reside and vote in the UK.

The right to decide who from non-
EU countries can have a visa to enter
the UK.

Numerous rights to include Eurohallmarking
causing inferior standards
across the EU, check, control and
quarantine imported animals at our
borders and much more that affected
all our daily lives in the UK.

Never in the history of the British
Nation have so much constitutional
power and as many parliamentary
rights been sacrificed to such disastrous
economic effect.

If our nation, our 800-year-old parliament
and our peaceful and tolerant
society are to survive, the UK must
withdraw from the European Union
and restore self-government and trading
freedom in the ‘European
Economic Area’ — today’s equivalent
to the ‘Common Market’ which the
British people accepted at the 1975 referendum.
Sadly, at this time, the Conservative,
Liberal and Labour parties cannot
muster the courage to do anything
about it — unless of course a minority
are making some very large sums of
money out of the EU.

John Haw
St Judes House
Balksbury Way