A GROUP of us boys, maybe four or five,
were standing talking on a very dark,
dry night in Dell Road around about

I was facing south when an object was
spotted in the sky (by one of the boys)
where Harroway School now stands.

Imagine a four bladed helicopter rotor
with a red light at each tip. This came
directly towards us at little more than
walking speed, rotating clockwise at
about one rev every 10 seconds at a
guessed altitude of 200 feet, diameter
about 30 feet and totally silent.

It then hovered above us, still rotating
as if it knew we were there – just in
front of us for about 45 seconds – then
drifted off at the same rotational and
forward speed as before, SSE towards
the Junction station.

Luckily an Armenian maths teacher
at the grammar school (Mr Osipoff) also
saw this from his home in Croye Close
(a keen observer of the sky at night). He
mentioned this to the Advertiser who
reported it on Friday.

Can anyone remember the event or
offer an explanation?

Why did it head straight to us? It could
have gone in any direction from
Harrowway. It was unbelievable!

Mr Osipoff must have seen it because
he lived near the railway station.

Anyone who was out that night in that
vicinity would have seen it.

I was looking south but a boy who was
looking west said: “The Martians are
coming,” which drew my attention to it.

Certainly the people at the railway station
would have seen it.

Derek Weeks,
Martin Way, Andover