IN 1971 my wife and I started a dental practice at Wellum House.

It was expanded over the years and in due course my wife retired, and I ceased to be a partner, but continued to work one session a week.

In April 2016 the practice was purchased by Damira Dental Studios.

Just over three months ago I was asked to attend a “one to one”. At this meeting, on 3 August, and in a letter of the same date, I was given three months’ notice of termination of my contract.

I worked my last clinical session on 2 November. I am writing this letter so that my patients are made aware of the fact that I did not willingly retire but had my contract terminated. If I had been planning to retire I would have given at least a year’s notice of my intention to do so and this would have given me the opportunity to inform my patients when they attended the surgery, wish them well for the future and thank them for having been my patients, which I do now.

Anthony Lynn BSc, BDS, Upper Clatford.