THE Borough Council newsletter informs us that Romsey’s civic building, Crossfield Hall, has been extensively refurbished and the redundant Magistrates Court purchased by the Council for the benefit of Romsey and its residents.

Meanwhile all we have in Andover is an unsatisfactory room created out of two empty shops in the centre of Union Street. Unsurprisingly its location is not signposted; it is disgracefully and totally inadequate in so many ways for a town of our size.

Andover has over one third of Test Valley’s population and is the centre for over half of the Borough’s residents. The Andover Guildhall’s upper floor is restricted by fire regulations to well under 100 people ( I believe 80) which is inadequate for our size of town. The capacity of The Lights is too great for small organisations to hire as well as being too costly.

Is it too much to hope that the Council purchase the redundant Magistrates Court building in Andover? With its rooms of varying size it could provide a Civic Hall – Romsey’s citizens already have a Town Hall in addition to the Crossfield Hall.

This would also honour the implied commitment given to the public in Andover 60 years ago, that in exchange for accepting town development, facilities for the populace would be enhanced.

John Barrell Weyhill Road